Nate Fitzbutler did a remix to Kanye West’s and Kendrick Lamar’s “No More Parties in LA” called “No More Parties in SD”. He said, "we made this track to try to bring some national buzz to our city that’s always been in the shadow of the LA music scene."

Niko Sitaras from the San Diego based dream rock band Paper Days says, "We just released our new EP 'Fun For Family & Friends'. Our release party is on Feb 19th being hosted at the Irenic (with The Bash Dogs & Splavender). 

Panic Is Perfect is an indie-pop group from San Fran and they are touring in support of their new album, Cellspace, which drops tomorrow on Strange Loop Records. They'll be playing at The Loft @ UCSD on Feb. 12!





From Vision of Humanity

Honoring and Thanking Cindy Sheehan
Eric Nielsen 5.29.7
Bless your lovely lord Jesus for Cindy Sheehan. And, bless all the lords, heavens and empty hells for a mother like Cindy Sheehan. Where are the fucking peace concerts this summer? Where are the other Mothers demanding an audience with George Bush to explain the deaths of their sons and daughters? Where are the Democrats on this one? Hats off to Obama and Clinton for two of the only a handful of votes against continued war funding. They had to vote that way. The anti war voting block is gaining momentum. This administration bullied itself down the democrats throat again. The american public is tired of being pushed around, wasting so much money, watching the lives of young Americans cracked open and wasted in Iraq.

We understand your stepping down Cindy. You've sacrificed your son, marriage, freedom, money and health in such a way as to always have the respect and honor of so many millions of people in the world. We watch and understand you from afar. The election this next year will be another litmus test against the war and all that it stands for. America is waking up to the really wicked and devious ways of this administration (torture, the environment, spying on americans, stem cell research, spending, debt, energy, cronyism). The small victories in spending for democratic projects only focus attention on the twisted and backwards ways of business as usual in Washington. Pro war funding democrats should beware. more

San Diego Rainbow Family Update
From the council on Black's Beach

San Diego Rainbow Family events will no longer be posted on the web or on the San Diego Light Line. Everyone is encouraged to come to the Sunday afternoon circles in Balboa Park to find out what other circles and get togethers are happening. Or call the San Diego Light Line and leave a message. Individuals at the council are encouraged to contact other websites and ask them to support this decision by removing any references to the Full Moon Circle.

The Council that met at Black's Beach on the top of the cliffs reached consensus that the Full Moon Circle at Black's Beach is canceled starting with the May Full moon until further notice. Sunday Afternoon circles in Balboa Park High Noon until Dark. Bring musical instruments and your smiles. Please support our circles when they are called. The circle is what makes the Rainbow.

Directions: Balboa Park adjacent to Marston Point in the Pine Grove Picnic Area. From the intersection of Sixth Avenue and Laurel Streets in Hillcrest, enter the park going east on Laurel (which becomes El Prado). Turn right on Balboa Drive which is the last right before the Cabrillo Bridge. Follow Balboa Drive as it loops around and look for family near the Pine Grove Picnic Area and the restrooms.

Why was the Full Moon Circle Canceled? Karin thinks because.... LACK OF RESPECT!

People not respecting the Circle and the Om. Rainbow is all about circling. This is what gives us our center. If you choose not to circle, that is your right, but disrupting our circle ain't cool. This circle is our sacred space. It is our church.

"Every society needs . . . sacred places. They help to instill a sense of social cohesion in the people and remind them of the passage of the generations that have brought them to the present. A society that cannot remember its past and honor it is in peril of losing its soul." Vine Deloria, Jr. more

OB Announces 2007 Street Fair Lineup
Why is it that the lineups for this street fair have always been so thin? It's another slim lineup for the OB Street Fair, set this year for June 23rd. I guess the bands don't matter, people just love an OB party. There are some things to see, Anna Troy, Blizzard, Vegitation, Lady Dottie etc. Check out the complete schedule See you there as it's one of the trinity of OB gatherings. The other two being the 4th of July fireworks and the OB Holiday Parade before christmas.

Queens of The Stone Age - Era Vulgaris
by Greaser 5.26.7

The long awaited new QOTSA. Took a few listens to take it all in, but now that I've given it a good go around i have to say this is one fine album.
Most of the songs are kinda all over the place with many different changes in em, but that's what makes the album interesting. I thought their last album "Lullabies to Paralyze" lacked a little something and i think they found it on this one. It has a very metallic sound to it. I think it's a nice combination of all their albums and by that i mean it's got it's riff based tracks like the first album as well as the melodic songs like lullabies. don't forget the ass kicking track like the ones Nick sang on "Songs For The Deaf". more

Maquiladora Announces Track List and Artwork for "Saint Cecilia's Drowning - Ritual of Hearts and White Sands Revisited" 2CD (Acuarela Discos Spain) by Eric Nielsen 5.25.7

Maquiladora will re-release White Sands and Ritual of Hearts with 9 bonus tracks recorded during the same time period as the albums. White Sands was first co-released on Bang! in Belgium and Lotushouse in 2000. It was recorded at the old Union and Beech warehouse (which we shared with Three Mile Pilot and Fluf) and In the Corner (our second studio set up in HIllcrest). Ritual of Hearts was released in 2002 on Better Looking Records and was also recorded In the Corner and at the Saint Cecilia's church/Sledgehammer Theater. Fred Mills of Magnet and Harp called the Ritual of Hearts single "the single of the year." Fred also wrote liner notes for the newly re-mastered albums.

There are many guest appearances on these 2 cd's including Pall Jenkins (Black Heart Procession and Mr. Tube), Tobias Nathaniel (Black Heart Procession), George Sluppick (Mofro), Morgan Doctor, Sioban Dixon and Krista Nielsen (last three from Chinchilla), Austin Lynn (The God Machine) and more. All of the recording and mixing was done by Maquiladora, except for a few songs mixed by Rafter Roberts and Austin Lynn. The original discs were mastered by Jeff Crouteau and Rafter Roberts respectively with re-mastering done by Kenseth Thibedeau. The bonus tracks were selected from 200 minutes of unreleased material from the time period.

Acuarela Discos in Madrid is set to release this 2cd boxed package with a 12 page booklet of art done by the band and Joe Plummer in late Summer/early Fall. Maquiladora's last disc, "The Gulf" was released on Acuarela in 2006.

Sea and Cake at the Belly Up - an unedited email from Keith
"Ello matey, So I went to the seancake show but I never did see ya. the openers were so fucking terrible. Robbers on high street were the only ones I saw. beatles back wind suckers. Everyone is so fucking earnest in that indie rock scene. Turns out I'm like an alien or something. I'm a giant eyeball just rolling along and looking everywhere but not really feeling at home almost anywhere. I'm most at home while at home or inside my head. I'm at home at your home creating. I'm at home in a cafe with coffee and writing. I'm at home with my family. I'm at home on the coast. I guess as an old bastard those are my homes. THis was okay but certainly a bit weird. I kind of like things a little less staid and a lot more crazy. It was all tight sweaters and 1950's haircuts and vaguely gas station attendent/soda jerk vibes. seancake was GREAT. they were however about as boring of a bunch of blokes as I can imagine! It felt as though there were three dudes up on stage who have perfected that very earnest, uptight, holier than thou vaguely post punk garage mechanic look and were somehow accidently in a band. THe music was beautiful and the bass player was a long haired behemoth heavy metal looking dude. During one song these two CUTE indie rock girls jumped on the stage and were so TOTALLY into it and dancing and the two main seancakers were so obviously freaked out by this. THey were like shocked at the enthusiasm and made them get down after a song. I think the chicago music scene must be wound up tighter than a gnats ass. THey did however play two or three of my fav s&c songs and they were beautiful. Also I loved the archer prewitt guitar. It was like a baritone or something and he played it with a capo and ebow a lot so good. THanks so much for the tickets man. I really do appreciate it. I dig the belly up and it's such an easy trip back home after. I drove the coast highway with all windows down to dig the nigth ocean air. I had good old Terry Riley blasting LOUD and it was an amazing trip that I didn't want to end. I almost decided to just keep rollling and see where I'd end up...but there it was 11ish and I knew that within a few hours I'd be here where I am at work SO, I turned on 78 and went home. Sorry I missed you. PEACE, K

Earthless - Rhythms From a Cosmic Sky (Tee Pee) by Keith Boyd 5.24.7
Like some giant nuclear reactor plugged into a Marshall stack and cranked up way past 11, Earthless rocks it out! Seeing them live is a revelation. The volume and intensity melt eyeballs and brainstems by the droves. Guitarist Isaiah Mitchell wrings and strangles squalls of feedbacking space skronk from his strat and echoplex. Mike Eginton lays out the hypnotic bass rumble and thunder but at the very burning heart of this beast lies Mario Rubalcaba on the drums. He is the fire breathing, molten lava flow that moves the group along. I've never seen such intensity and commitment applied to a set of drums before. Just when you think that he must have given it all he could have the pace picks up again and it's another flurry of hair and flailing arms and sweat. The shocker is that amidst all of the speed there is a deadly accuracy and precision at work. Given the power of their live attack is it any wonder that a CD might pale in comparison? The dynamic interplay between the live space, the group mind and the adrenalin all make it a nearly impossible experience to encode on disc. This was evident on their first recorded outing, "Sonic Prayers". While that release had its moments the over all impact was a somewhat diminished return between expectations and reality. The whole affair just wasn't as highly evolved as when you heard them live. It was still a worthy effort mind you. It laid out the sonic blueprint of Hawkwind meets Blue Cheer meets Sabbath meets "fill in the blank" Kraut Rock group while not succumbing to mere idol worship. On their new disc, "Rhythms from a Cosmic Sky" they've upped the ante considerably and if you ever get fed up with your mundane, gravity-bound existence just slide it in the player and crank it up. You'll be reaching escape velocity in no time. more

Nina Nastasia and Jim White - You Follow Me (Fatcat) by Eric Nielsen 5.23.7
I entered this album on the 6th or 7th listen with a completely relaxed mind it also entered me like light from the speaker into my unbeing. I thought it would be the timing of the drums that would hypnotize my ego away, into a feeling and then below that. Or maybe the sublime barely audible back up singing. I wondered if I could get into the voice through the simple and stripped back 2 piece. Jim White's drums knock on your body center and then the voice enters with a small and simple idea that surpasses words. The dynamics swell with your swelling and infinitely full heart and they lead you across the blackest, sharpest razor between beauty and suicide, between physics and lunacy, across the parted sea to the salvation of your certain destiny. more

Sea and Cake Frowns Upon Your Attempts at Un-Permissioned Audience Participation
By CDW 5.22.7

With the right wine, there are particular artists who pretty much guarantee romantic success with an indie rock girl; cat power, devendra banhart; sufjan stevens, bjork's vespertine album, yo la tengo's and then nothing turned itself inside out album, and, of course, anything from the sea and cake.

Based on the number of couples at last night's the sea and cake show at the belly up cuddling up and guys with beards in plaid shirts with the roving eye, it appears that more than a few guys have figured this out. 

The ladies' enthusiasm for the respectfully aged group became evident early in the set when two women jumped on stage and began interpretive dancing.  Touring bands- you bring that mellow folky stuff to San Diego- hippie girls WILL GET ON STAGE AND START DANCING DURING YOUR SET. more

TWENTY THINGS compiled by JAS 5.21.7
Some excerpts from Greg Laswell's blog, detailing "Twenty Things I've Learned On Tour":

"When you buy a harmonium, you should first think how you are going to fly it home."

"Driving a car in New York City is like a ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain."

"When I get a picture of my dog sent to me, it does not help matters."

"Don't 'keep going for a little longer' when your gas tank is almost empty."

"Morning radio shows physically hurt."

"Mexican food outside of San Diego tastes like hamburgers."

"That snack wrap at McDonalds is kind of good."

"Some guy over at is laughing his ass off."

Greg Laswell was named one of Filter Magazine's Artists To Watch last year. His recent cover of Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Wanna Have Fun" was recently #1 on the iTunes folk charts for ten consecutive days. He's also produced other artists for his own Twenty Inch record label.

Do The White Thing
Jay Allen Sanford 5.20.07
Editors Note:
Unfortunately, in the past, SD has been labeled as conservative, the next Seattle, the "meth capital" of the country (east county), and the nerve center of US white supremacy (east county). We are conservative, but Metzger is fairly quiet (the pockets of skinheads are smaller, though OB still deals with it), meth-making has mainly moved to Mexico, and the next Seattle is somehere on the east coast.

"Throughout history, music has been used to recruit and unify ultra-right movements. A lot of people think the Third Reich couldn't have happened without Wagner. For Skinheads, who follow the concept of leaderless resistance, white power music is what binds them."

Carl Raschke, Professor Of Religious Studies, University of Denver

"White power" rock music provides the rallying call which unites racists and Nazi-inclined "Skinheads" hoping to develop a common culture - or at least present the appearance of one. Bands like Ethnic Cleansing, Extreme Hatred, Grinded Nig and Angry Aryans expouse hostile ideology directed against non-whites, particularly anyone of Negro or Jewish descent. Racist rock is angry, nihilistic music, advocating intolerance, if not actual violence, against minorities. The great-grandaddy of the genre is 1960s singer Johnny Rebel, who recorded songs like "Some Niggers Never Die (They Just Smell That Way)." Later, pro-white rock was dubbed "Oi!" music, goosestepping from the skinhead and punk subcultures of the 70s ("Oi" was a common greeting in the British Cockney dialect). more

No Fun Fest in Brooklyn this Weekend
Thursday, May 17 :
Pain Jerk
Hair Police
Yoshimi + Kim Gordon
Hive Mind + Damion Romero
Evil Moisture
Orphan Fairytale
Tony Rettman (DJ)
Mike Simonetti (DJ)

Friday, May 18 :
Sissy Spacek
Carlos Giffoni
Raionbashi & Kutzkelina
Mouthus + Axolotl
Princess Dragonmon
Charlie Draheim
Jackie Oblivia (DJ)
Nautical Almanac Sound System (DJ)

Saturday, May 19 :
Keiji Haino
Tom Recchion, Ju Suk Reet Meate and Oblivia
Religious Knives
The Rita
Gastric Female Reflex
Andy Ortmann, the Olson Twins (DJ)
The Harbinger Sound Plastic Punk Explosion (DJ)

Years Around The Sun - Introstay (Manaloft Records) Keith Boyd 5.17.07
On their debut album, "Introstay" San Diego 's very own Years Around The Sun bring the soft-hypnotic dreaminess in spades. I love the way that this disc comes at your head. The bass and guitar playing of Dylan Raasch and Ronnie Dudek (respectively) have that doubled, Octaver sound that goes straight to the brain's pleasure center and starts to hum. At times they veer into wonderful Sea and Cake tonal zones mixed with a healthy dash of Yo La Tengo structures and passages. This isn't to call Years Around The Sun's music derivative at all. There's a sure handed creativity at work here and an audible lack of pretension. The whole disc hangs together with a unified sonic purpose and intent as a statement of who this band is. more

Rare/Collectible San Diego
Jay Allen Sanford 5.15.7

These auctions featuring local music memorabilia took place on eBay over the course of eighteen months. The list - compiled via weekly searches and archiving - represents only a fraction of the thousands of local-centric auctions monitored during this period.


The Rosie And The Originals single "Angel Baby" b/w "Give Me Love" was released in 1960 on the Highland label, hitting number five in the U.S. In a 1969 Life Magazine interview, John Lennon cited Rosie Hamlin (fifteen when the single was recorded in San Marcos ) as one of his favorite singers, later recording the song for his mid-seventies "Rock 'N' Roll" collection. This Originals 45 was described in "mint condition, with slight scuffing." Auction photos showed the orange label and the plain paper sleeve in nice shape, but didn't depict the vinyl itself. Regardless, the single drew fourteen bids and sold for $26.00.

A private-pressing rock opera LP from 1973, "An Eye For Each Head" by Anthony Adams (Harlequin Records), was said to concern "a fly who eventually becomes king of the world due to man's evil and self destructive nature, then the fly reveals that he is really Jesus.found at a thrift shop about five years ago." Adams was in a local sixties teen garage band, the Norsemen. The winning bid was $24.99.

In the early-eighties, metal hairfarmers Victim were among the house bands at Straita Head Sound, a long-gone La Mesa club unique to its era due its ability to serve alcohol to the 21-and-up crowd while still allowing minors in the door (thanks to closed loophole in the "dinner theater" permits). In 1985, the four members of Victim self-recorded and released a vinyl LP "DMN" (said in the liner notes to stand for "Dirty, Mean & Nasty"), with only about 1,000 copies pressed. " Their sound leans heavily on glam metal, like Poison or Ratt, but a little heavier," said the seller. Described in "near mint minus" condition with "some light scuffs that don't effect [sp] the sound," the LP opened at $5.00 and closed nine bids later at $16.38.

The photo sleeve for a "splash-shaped" seven inch vinyl LP featuring five songs by the Locust and two by Arab On Radar showed an eviscerated rubber baby doll with blood splatters dripping behind twin band logos. "For this record," said the San Francisco-based seller, "they put it out on four different thick colored vinyls, each to represent a bodily fluid color, all in the shape of a liquid splotch. This one is white." One assumes the other vinyl color editions to have been yellow, red and, um, brown. The album opened at $1.00 and closed at $5.50. more

A Squid Eating Dough in a Polyethylene Bag
Captain Beefheart - An Appreciation

Keith Boyd 5.13.07
That growling x-ray vision naked eyeball and exposed nerve-ending cackle is what got to me first. It was the voice of every coyote on Earth telling a dirty joke at once and hissing to itself in laughter. The Captain sounded authoritative. Listening to him bark his non sequiturs of visionary poesy you couldn't help but feel that despite how little you were picking up Captain Beefheart knew exactly what he was saying.

"A squid eating dough in a polyethylene bag is fast-n-bulbous, got me?"

I guess my first exposure to the insane world of The Magic Band was through my Uncle Sam's (yeah, I know!) record collection. I was a kid visiting him and my cousin where they lived out on Long Island in the early 80's. My Uncle Sam was a sort of post Hippie beatnik type who went to Woodstock and just really dug all sorts of music. So there I am thinking that I know everything about basically everything and I'm flipping through his albums thinking, "Neil Young, heard it. Rolling Stones, know it. The Byrds, un-hun." more

Bjork - Volta (Atlantic/Wea)
Keith Boyd 5.11.07
Bjork is one of those artists who exists and operates from within their own particular sphere of creativity and influence. She generates a sense of holistic integrity and presence by remaining true to her own muse and visions. From the outside we see an impish pixie with the twinkle in her eye of some eternally young yet ancient spirit. On the inside, who knows? The signifiers of image and sound she puts out into the media slipstream are lacking any deeper explanations. You simply encounter them and accept that what you are experiencing is the Technicolor road map of another's path through life and smile in appreciation. She seems to float in different waters than the rest of us. Of course there are parallels to any number of outside influences that one can discern in her music. Dance and Electronica are perhaps the most overt. Through her many and varied albums she's taken the beats and looping psychedelia of House music to heart. While working with producers from San Francisco 's avant-garde eletronica duo Matmos to Hip Hop point man Timbaland Bjork has spent many a year sculpting out a unique place in the music scene. The whirling, crunching and cracking of her music is often shot through with orchestral instrumentation and the sweeping melodic lines of Broadway musicals. The underpinning and defining element of all of her music is of course her voice. What a voice it is! At times heart breakingly ethereal, she can suddenly shift into a full tilt Arctic fury of grunts and growls. Bjork's voice has some timeless element to it that seduces the ear while capturing the imagination. It's often not so much the lyrics but her tonality that point towards meaning in her songs. In fact on her last outing, "Medulla" the songs were composed primarily of layer upon treated layer of nothing but her voice. This willingness to dive in and commit so deeply is all the more remarkable given the mass appeal and interest level Bjork generates. So where does all of this lead to when taking a listen to her new disc, " Volta "? It leads us back to where her music always leads us; herself. more

An Eye For Each Head (Harlequin) from JAS 05.9.07
Found a copy! What an obscure piece of San Diego music memorabilia - - checkout the psycho artwork! Man, I gotta hook up the old turntable and give this a spin - A private-pressing rock opera LP from 1973, "An Eye For Each Head" by Anthony Adams (Harlequin Records), was said to concern "a fly who eventually becomes king of the world due to man's evil and self destructive nature, then the fly reveals that he is really Jesus.found at a thrift shop about five years ago." Adams was in a local sixties teen garage band, the Norsemen.

Snack Attack!
Tool at the Cox Arena

5.8.07 Keith Boyd

Lord what a nation of snackers the modern day heavy music crowd is! Okay, I'll admit it that it's been awhile since I've been to a BIG ROCK SHOW (I prefer clubs for the close-up and intimate feel) but this was something new under the sun entirely. I suppose that it only stands to reason that if every venue and opportunity that the food industry has to push more of their product our way has been filled, concerts shouldn't be the exception. But it was shocking, shocking I say, to see the pure volume on offer and the whole-hearted buy in from the crowd. So incredibly "in your face" was it that I felt it overshadowing the excellent and darkly spiritual music of Tool.

I've always liked Tool. As the years have gone by they've mutated from a decent hard metal act to one bent on exploring the darker edges of the soul and identity. With each album their music has become more nuanced and complex while still managing to remain head-bangingly heavy. Their last two releases (Lateralus and 10,000 Days) are complete standouts and to my ears qualify as not only musical but artistic masterpieces. One of the things I enjoy about Tool is their lyrical explorations into the nature of the self. The lyrics of Maynard James Keenan deal with tough realms such as addiction ("I don't need it! I just want it! Nothing seems to satisfy!") and the fragmenting of identity ("I know the pieces fit, cause I watched them fall away.") with a brutal and stark honesty. The commitment that comes through in the delivery of these sentiments is so forceful that it can stun you into silence. Then there is the technical aspect of their sound. The players use odd time signatures, exotic effects and volume to propel their dynamic, shifting compositions in and out of your head. They'll start a song slowly with gossamer tendrils of sound floating in the air. These tendrils will suddenly erupt into lashing whips popping and whirling past your head. Then just as quickly the song will lock into a Middle Eastern modal drone with eerie vocals. The great thing was that in the live setting it all worked. The sound was incredible. The visuals were disturbing yet fitting projections of all manner of objects and scenarios. Vaguely Asian corpses writhed and stutter stepped through Twilight Zone meets Monty Python prisonscapes. Pulsing geometric forms mix with images of UFO's and Alex Grey's spiritually anatomical figures. The whole stage pulses like some living mandala or Tibetan tanka painting. The messages seem to be fairly consistent while remaining somewhat opened to interpretation. What are these messages? Good things like: think for yourself, don't deny your whole person, watch out for control, be aware of your potential and your tendencies, have a laugh, don't trust the government, watch out for gluttony and addiction. I'm not trying to say they stood up on stage and preached these ideals; they come at you more obliquely. It's in the sum total package that the message comes across. So in this light I guess there must have been a mismatch in what I felt that Tool was all about and what I thought their fan base would be. more

Traci Lords Bio Blocked
JAS 5.7.7

"Traci Lords' manager [Juliet Green] told me that she was asking people not to do interviews with me." Local writer Jamie Gardner's unauthorized biography of the recording artist (Control, 1,000 Fires), TV star ( Melrose Place ) and former underage porn star (Tailhouse Rock) has hit several roadblocks since Green contacted him unexpectedly. "She complained that I was conducting interviews with various people who'd known or worked with Traci. She never told me how she got my number but she asked me not to write the book. I told her that I planned to continue but that I'd put a clarification in my future letters and phone calls, letting people know her stance, that she didn't approve of the book."

Did Green indicate why she objected to his efforts sight-unseen? "She told me 'When Traci's story is told, it will be Traci who'll tell it.' She also told me that, for the [TV show bio] E! True Hollywood Story, she asked John Waters, Aaron Spelling and Rosanne not to do interviews for that either." more

Strolling Bones: Mick is Still Cool
JAS 05.04.07

Okay, you can confess now. Nobody's watching, nobody's gonna laugh at you. Just admit, quietly and to yourselves, that there was a time when you thought Mick Jagger was the coolest dude on spaceship Earth. Even you baggy pants wearing little trendies no older than my frigging sideburns. Yeah, you, the ones who think Trent Reznor invented black t-shirts and that Nirvana was the first band to wreck perfectly good instruments onstage, on purpose. For at least one brief moment in your rock and roll lives, you saw a picture of Mick or heard about one of his legendary bad boy exploits, and you said to yourself "Self, I'd give my left nut (or right ovary) to be that monkey-mouthed, boney little motherfucker for just one lousy day!"

At 64, Michael Philip Jagger is older than the President AND - probably - your dad. He's fathered anywhere from five to twenty kids, depending on whose press releases you believe, and thanks to that otherworldly looking wench he named Jade (she looks like Mick crossed with Michael Jackson, egad!), he's now a grandfather. He's had more pussy than Prince and Hugh Hefner, he's richer than any ten money grubbing Shahs and he's had his picture taken more often than the Lincoln Memorial. By all accounts of his pampered and jetsetting lifestyle, we should resent him and tear him down the way we do all our once-revered heroes once they've proven that they are indeed better than we are (Elvis, OJ, Kennedy, et al). Sure, It's easy to make fun of Mick - I mean, everything about him is right out of a Doonesbury cartoon, right down to his caricature-like face, those bug eyes and that Deputy Barney Fife rooster walk he does. But it's impossible to hate or disrespect him. Why? Because nobody can deny that the guy was as cool as anyone who ever flapped his lips into a mike. more

Miminokoto - It Will Be New
Eric Nielsen 05.03.07
The new lineup for Miminokoto brings the pleasure of the true Japanese underground scene alive. Now Miminokoto is Koji Shimura and Junzo Suzuki. It's got all the mud, time warps and emo Japanese singing to make you feel like you're right there. This album, entitled It Will Be New, is very moving. Junzo is singing and playing guitar while Acid Mothers Temple drummer Koji Shimura burns the drums. The guitar is so perfectly fucked, bashing through strange chord changes and settling into nice two chord changes. It's like an Acid Mothers bath in mellow milk. All the edges of the feelings are there, That Spiral Orbit sets off my morning into an ether world of something that I wasn't aware of when I started my day.
Something that can take me to a mythical place to feel and let go of my preconceptions about things. To experience things anew. The emotion in the voice coupled with the japanese lyrics opens a mysterious door for me. One in which I have just enough experience with to feel enamored about (My band Maquiladora has played live with Koji a few times in Tokyo, we've recorded with Miminokoto and played 3 shows with them in Tokyo. Junzo promotes our shows around Tokyo. His show with Astro was my favorite show of the year last year). This album is perfect. It sounds as if it was recorded live in one day March 22, 2007, shortly before the current AMT US tour. more

Earthling Society - Tears of Andromeda Black Sails Against the Sky (Nasoni) Keith Boyd 05.02.07
Alchemy comes in a myriad of different forms. There's the old school predecessor to chemistry with it's  beakers and alembics and retorts being lorded over by a wild eyed Isaac Newton seeking to unlock the mysteries of the universe. Then there's the more purely metaphysical alchemy. This involves processes meant to purify the base metals of the interior self and burnish them into enlightened gold. There's also the everyday, ordinary and miraculous alchemy of plants turning sunlight into sugar, or you and I turning the apple we eat into fingernails and thoughts. Alchemy is essentially, I suppose, a process of combining, purifying and transforming. Well if that's the deal in a nutshell then how can we experience music, great music that is, as anything other than the ultimate expression of this arcane art? Wood, metal, circuitry and electricity are touched by the fire of creativity then mulled over by the hands of the artist and we the listeners reap the gold. All of these musings and metaphors have come to me while listening to the excellent new Earthling Society CD, "Tears of Andromeda (Black Sails against the Sky)". This third emanation from the fiery furnace of their unique brand of alchemy is not only a welcome addition to the cannon it advances their sound into new and expansive territory. more

Black's Beach
by Jay Allen Sanford 05.01.07

"Black's Beach, everyone knows, you don't need no buttons and bows. Black's Beach, everyone goes - there's a bunch of crazy people there without any clothes." (From one of KGB's old Homegrown vinyl albums - can't recall the band, only the lyrics)

It's after midnight and around four hundred people are ostensibly celebrating the full moon, most of them naked, some not, a few with children in tow. None of the kids seem shocked at the sight of so many nude adult bodies. "It's good to teach them that the body is nothing to be ashamed of, as long as we're not degrading it" says a muscular guy (whose name I can't write down due to, er, no pockets). He looks to be in his fifties and has been coming to these informal monthly gatherings for "too many years. Bringing down the moon, we call it. We're, like, Druids and this is our Stonehenge. more


    Lotushouse MP3 Sampler
    Maquiladora - The Revenge of Becky Royal (New Piano)
    Tenniscoats + Maquiladora - Hours
    High Mountain Tempel - Processional (An Invocation to Thee Angelic Sister)
    Raagnagrok - HJD
    Beggars - Will We Call It Love
    Maquiladora - Termez 1936
    Maquiladora - Song 26
    Buzz or Howl - Sendhe Mortu Chin Rigore
    Earthling Tempel - Celestial Inhabitants of the Sun
    Buzz or Howl - The Sins Of The Flower Are Visited On The Shunned
    Maquiladora - Light of the Rain
    High Mountain Tempel - The Ascended Master (Hang Gliding in Heaven)
    High Mountain Tempel - Fluctuat Nec Mergitur
    High Mountain Tempel - Tempel Walk
    Buzz or Howl - 05 Oct 05
    Buzz or Howl - Sun as the Destroyer of Dreams
    Live version at the Make Room SF 2005
    Maquiladora - In This Life
    Maquiladora - Simply to See You
    Maquiladora with Kawabata Makoto - Nampasen
    Maquiladora Maquiladora - Drunk and Lighting Fires (A Waltz)
    Maquiladora Maquiladora - Ritual of Hearts
    Maquiladora Maquiladora - Ankle
    Maquiladora - Mayday
    Loraine Loraine - Pasqually Old Pasqually

    Beggars - S/T
    by Pierro Scaruffi

    Maquiladora's Eric Nielsen and Bruce McKenzie joined forces with Skygreen Leopards' Glenn Donaldson to form Beggars, whose double-disc Beggars (Lotushouse, 2013) is a tour de force of ecstatic Eastern-influenced freak-folk. Mostly these pieces lean towards the traditional song format, although inevitably deformed by the musicians' pedigrees.

    The ghostly hyper-dilated drones of Ghost Coyote are imbued with quasi-Morricone western-movie guitar twang and even harmonica. The sweet lullaby and the trotting pace of Eureka My Love as well as the romantic honky-tonking Justine (with a refrain a bit reminiscent of Dylan's Blowing in the Wind) hark back to the heydays of country-rock. 2-3-74 Floating evokes the martial laments of the young Neil Young although diluted amid discordant guitar jamming and lulled by waves of funereal vocal harmonies. Berserker's Boogie is a lively and poppy almost-bluegrass tune. They even intone the singalong Queen Anne's Lace with drums, banjo and all.

    Thankfully, the spaced-out yodeling of Lullaby de Bourbon (memories of Aoxomoxoa-era Grateful Dead), the free-form quasi-jazz guitar and vocal interplay of Will We Call It Love, the seven-minute dreaming psalm Big Pink Sun and its sublimely disintegrating coda, remind us of what Maquiladora are best at. The 23-minute Midget Decapitates Clownis an ambitious concerto for suspense and agony. Far from being just a droning piece, it piles up sonic event after sonic event, producing the trancey effect out of a multitude of traumatic sounds. The chirping and tweeting that accumulates half-way into the piece decays into a nervous organic filigree and dies away in the most cryptic manner; one of the high points of Maquiladora's career.

    Earthling Tempel - Pilgrimage To Thunderbolt Pagoda
    by Aquarius Records

    Not sure if this is part 4, or just the first in a new multi part epic, hardly matters, what does matter is, this is another glorious expansive collection of meditative psychedelic abstract dronefolk ambience. Every High Mountain Tempel disc we're reviewed thus far has gotten played to death here, and this one doesn't appear to be any different. Well, at least in that respect. In one distinct way it is very different, HMT are not going it alone this time. They've assembled a pretty impressive collection of sonic alchemists and musical conjurers to help with this ritual, Isis Aquarian from the Source Family, Charles Curtis from La Monte Young's Just Alap Raga Ensemble, and two crews from the UK we've never heard of, Earthling Society and Astarism, but even with all those cooks in the kitchen, HMT and friends have managed to weave another dark minimal masterpiece, all hushed barely there guitar shimmer, drifting whispered vocals, delicate crystalline melodies, dense swirls of piano, warm swells of tape hiss, mysterious voices and field recordings, whirring organ, bowed steel strings... so lovely.

    If the liner notes are to be believed, two of the tracks feature Earthling Society on their own, and those tracks do sound different, much less free and sprawling, a bit more structured, like seventies UK acid folk, swirling and melodic and quite lovely. The final two tracks find the two groups in full on collaborative mode, and the gears shift to something much more space rocky and Hawkwindy, all blissed out and heart-of-the-sun, until the final track which is a strummy, delicate, moody chill out closer, a sort of dour doom folk drift, that makes a perfect ending.

    Super nice packaging, silkscreened oversized 4 panel sleeve, white on black, with the cd-r affixed to the inside. And of course, SUPER LIMITED!

    High Mountain Tempel - The Glass Bead Game by Aquarius Records

    Part three in the ongoing series of limited cd-r explorations from mysterious drone combo High Mountain Tempel, and like the two before it, the band continue to delve into some murky sonic underworld, again presenting loooong songs, each separated by brief sonic interludes, this disc seems feature more actual vocals, the opening track features a processed voice, that sounds a bit like throat singing, or a Speak And Spell, intoning some arcane message, interwoven with long drawn out tones, and a thick ropy buzz, super dark and intense and atmospheric. Elsewhere sampled voices surface, there are bits of chanting here and there, all peppered throughout the disc. But even with the extra voices, the focus here is still on dark, lugubrious, extended dronescapes.

    The sound of High Mountain Tempel is probably closest to Expo '70, as their various permutations of dronemusic seem to have a definite krautrock vibe, that gives the sound a sort of spaced out quality, and a subtle propulsion, but unlike Expo '70, HMT seem to have a distinct Eastern influence, much of the music is meditative and subtly dramatic, a bit soundtracky, and some of it sounds like it could be Japanese. Especially the way field recordings are incorporated into the sounds. Giving everything a definite texture, some of it sounding like it was perhaps recorded live in some hilltop temple. Which we would imagine is the idea.

    Not sure what else to say actually. This is indeed fantastic, brooding and malefic, but also shimmery and dreamy, sonically it has much in common with the first two installments, so definitely check out those reviews to read more about their 'sound'.

    Needless to say, fans of the drone and folks into the current crop of cd-r soundscapers will for sure dig this, but like the other HMT discs, this is more than simple drone music, this is ritualistic alchemical soundwork, one can almost imagine stumbling across a group of cloaked figures huddled around a fire in a forest clearing, tossing various powders into the flames, causing the fire to change color and cast beastlike shadows on the branches above, and this is the sound filtering through the forest like a black moonlit fog...
    SUPER LIMITED of course, packaged beautifully in a foldover silkscreened sleeve, gold metallic on red on the outside, black on red on the inside.

    High Mountain Tempel - A Screaming Comes Across The Sky - The Faultline Scriptures
    by Aquarius Records

    Record number two from this mysterious drone-kraut styled duo. Their last disc was a huge hit around here, so we were pretty thrilled to get our hands on this one, a logical sonic extension of the first, delving deeper into some murky tripped out twilit soundworld.
    The disc opens with shimmering clouds of gongs and cymbals, whirring and sizzling, suspended over a deep distant rumble, a delicate intro to a record at once hypnotic and lovely, dark and dense.

    The record is arranged into three epic tracks, interspersed with short sonic interludes, ranging from field recordings of crickets, looped chants (Elizabeth Clare Prophet if we're not mistaken), spirituals and mysterious liturgical songs, whirring drones, and backwards percussion, but it's the long tracks where the duo get to spread out, let their dense soundscapes sprawl.

    The three long tracks sounds like movements of a greater whole, clocking in at 15 minutes, 11 minutes and nearly 17 minutes respectively, each rife with creepy delayed vocals, churning guitars and smeared chords, roiling muddy whirls, which often dissipate leaving streaks of fragmented melody and haunting slowed down voices. Buried amidst the drones and whirs, are lullaby-like melodies, skittery percussion, streaks of grinding distortion, hidden voices, more field recordings, thick swaths of cavernous rumbles, little bits of electronic glitch and lots and lots of low end buzz.

    Packaged in a fancy navy blue fold over sleeve, screenprinted in white ink, with a photocopied insert with liner notes and song credits.

    LIMITED TO 150 COPIES! Each one hand numbered.


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